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#DirectedByWomen Streaming Additions on Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Netflix for February 2019

[Ed. note: You can find The Celluloid Void's complete list of 400+ streaming women-directed films here.]

I’m not going to lie—I’d much rather head to a video store and rent a movie (or go to a repertory screening) rather than watching it at home. But I also subscribe to most of the major streaming services and am always keeping tabs on which ones are making an effort to feature films that are directed by women. And being able to stream things at home means making a whole lot more progress on my #52filmsbywomen resolution for 2019.

The biggest additions for February 2019? I’m looking forward to catching Elizabeth Chomko’s WHAT THEY HAD on Amazon and Sally Potter’s THE PARTY (on Amazon and Hulu) this month. I also have a special fondness for Gillian Armstrong’s LITTLE WOMEN, thanks to its all-star cast, so I might catch up on that via Netflix ahead of Greta Gerwig’s planned December remake. Over on Hulu, I’ll definitely be rewatching Agniezka Holland’s THE SECRET GARDEN, and on Shudder, I’m looking forward to Cindy Sherman’s OFFICE KILLER.

Stay tuned; I’ll be doing something similar in coming months to highlight streaming films written by women.


The Edge of Seventeen (Kelly Fremon Craig, Feb. 1)

Little Women (Gillian Armstrong) (Feb. 11)

The Breaker Upperers (Madeleine Sami, Jackie van Beek) (Feb. 15)


How to Deal (Clare Kilner) (Feb. 1)

The Secret Garden (Agnieszka Holland) (Feb. 1)

Wayne’s World (Penelope Spheeris) (Feb. 1)

Pick of the Litter (Dana Nachman) (Feb. 2) The Party (Sally Potter) (Feb. 17)


Generation Wealth (Lauren Greenfield) (Feb. 1)

The Matrix (the Wachowski Sisters) (Feb. 1)

The Matrix Reloaded (the Wachowski Sisters) (Feb. 1)

The Matrix Revolutions (the Wachowski Sisters) (Feb. 1)

Wayne’s World (Penelope Spheeris) (Feb. 1)

What They Had (Elizabeth Chomko) (Feb. 16)

The Party (Sally Potter) (Feb. 17)


Office Killer (Cindy Sherman) (Feb. 1)


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