#DirectedByWomen Additions to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Criterion Channel for July 2019

Looking to keep on plugging away at your #52FilmsbyWomen goal for 2019? (For those keeping track, I'm currently at 65 films, according to Letterboxd, the most recent being Tamar Simon Hoffs' The Allnighter, which I finally found a VHS copy of on one lucky thrift store expedition. It's got Joan Cusack, Michael Ontkean, Pam Grier, and a pretty epic soundtrack—no regrets.) Look no further than my monthly roundup of woman-directed films being added to Amazon Prime, the Criterion Channel, Hulu, and Netflix.

I'm especially excited about Criterion Channel offering up a handful of Ida Lupino titles, as I have yet to see three out of the five. Ditto for the Larisa Shepitko double-feature being added at the end of the month. And If you're looking for something fun, just know that Desperately Seeking Susan is hitting Hulu on July 1. (Also, this was technically added at the end of June, so you won't see it below, but I can't recommend Susannah Fogel's The Spy Who Dumped Me—now on Hulu—enough.) That's it. That's the post. Stay cool, babies!


A Very Brady Sequel (dir. Arlene Sanford) — July 31 A Vigilante (dir. Sarah Daggar-Nicholson) — July 27 Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love (dir. Mira Nair) — July 31


The Ascent (dir. Larisa Shepitko) — July 30

Angela (dir. Rebecca Miller) — July 3

The Bigamist (dir. Ida Lupino) — July 24

Burning Bush (dir. Agnieszka Holland) — July 10

Cameraperson (dir. Kirsten Johnson) — July 17

On Dangerous Ground (dir. Ida Lupino) — July 24

The Hitch-Hiker (dir. Ida Lupino) — July 24

Not Wanted (dir. Ida Lupino) — July 24

Personal Velocity (dir. Rebecca Miller) — July 3

The Trouble with Angels (dir. Ida Lupino) — July 20

Wings (dir. Larisa Shepitko) — July 30


A Year Ago in Winter (dir. Caroline Link) — July 1 The Brink (dir. Alison Klayman) — July 4 Desperately Seeking Susan (dir. Susan Seidelman) — July 1 Endless Love (dir. Shana Feste) — July 1 The Imperialists Are Still Alive (dir. Zeina Durra) — July 1 The Women of Brewster Place (dir. Donna Deitch) — July 1


Frozen River (dir. Courtney Hunt) — July 1 The Iron Lady (dir. Phyllida Lloyd) — July 6 Swiped (dir. Ann Deborah Fishman) — July 1