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#DirectedByWomen Streaming Additions for May 2019 (Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Criterion Collection

Looking to keep up with your #52FilmsByWomen resolution for 2019? Every month, The Celluloid Void keeps tabs on all of the female-directed films being added to Amazon Prime, the Criterion Channel, Hulu, Netflix, Shudder, Tubi, and Vudu, collecting everything in one convenient place. We're always looking for other streaming services to add, and please reach out if you notice we've missed anything. Now, onto the picks…

I've been watching the hell out of the Criterion Channel since its launch about a month ago, and I'm delighted to see that for May, it's bringing four of Portland filmmaker Kelly Reichardt's films together, along with a master class with Reichardt in conversation with film critic April Wolfe. I'll likely be sobbing my way through "Wendy and Lucy" sometime this month, and I've actually never seen "River of Grass," so I'll be checking that off my list. There are also four films from the deeply imaginative Anna Biller, including "The Love Witch" and "Viva." (Also, if you're not in L.A. for the New Beverly's treasure trove of May screenings directed by women, don't sleep on Claudia Weill's "Girlfriends.")

Elsewhere, highlights include Catherine Hardwicke's brutal but excellent coming-of-age drama "Thirteen" (on Hulu on May 1); Amy Poehler's directorial debut, "Wine Country" (on Netflix on May 10); "Always Be My Maybe," the Nahnatchka Khan–directed romantic comedy starring Ali Wong (on Netflix May 31); Jenn Wexler's fun, punky horror film, "The Ranger" (on Shudder on May 1); Spanish director Gabriela Tagliavini's road trip comedy "A Pesar de Todo" (on Netflix on May 3); and Léa Pool's private boarding school–set drama "Lost and Delirious" (on Amazon Prime on May 31). Check the regularly updated master list to search all of the platforms by director! There are over 500 films and counting, and the list features directors from over 30 countries.


"Jesus's Son" (Alison Maclean) — May 20

"Lost and Delirious" (Léa Pool) — May 31

"Private Parts" (Betty Thomas) — May 31

"The Romantics" (Galt Neiderhoffer) — May 13


"Archipelago" (Joanna Hogg) — May 1

"A Visit from the Incubus" (Anna Biller) — May 1

"Exhibition" (Joanna Hogg) — May 1

"Girlfriends" (Claudia Weill) — May 1

"The Hypnotist" (Anna Biller) — May 1

"The Love Witch" (Anna Biller) — May 1

"Meek's Cutoff" (Kelly Reichardt) — May 1

"My Brilliant Career" (Gillian Armstrong) — May 1

"Old Joy" (Kelly Reichardt) — May 1

"River of Grass" (Kelly Reichardt) — May 1

"Unrelated" (Joanna Hogg) — May 1

"Viva" (Anna Biller) — May 1

"Wendy and Lucy" (Kelly Reichardt) — May 1


"Egg" (Marianna Palka) — May 15

"Hillbilly" (Ashley Yorke and Sally Rubin) — May 8

"Jesus's Son" (Alison Maclean) — May 20

"Julie & Julia" (Nora Ephron) — May 1

"The Last Animals" (Kate Brooks) — May 1

"Painkillers" (Roxy Shih) — May 4

"The Romantics" (Galt Neiderhoffer) — May 14

"Thirteen" (Catherine Hardwicke) — May 1

"Twice Upon a Yesterday" (María Ripoll) — May 1


"All Is Good" (Eva Trobisch) — May 3

"Always Be My Maybe" (Nahnatchka Khan) — May 31

"A Pesar de Todo" (Gabriela Tagliavini) — May 3

"Bathtubs Over Broadway" (Dava Whisenant) — May 9

"Gente Que Viene y Bah" (Patricia Font) — May 10

"Good Sam" (Kate Melville) — May 16

"Jailbirds" (Audrey Estrougo) — May 10

"Her Only Choice" (Christel Gibson) — May 1

"Knock Down the House" (Rachel Lears) — May 1

"Wanda Sykes: Not Normal" (Linda Mendoza) — May 21

"Weed the People" (Abby Epstein) — May 10

"Wine Country" (Amy Poehler) — May 10


"The Ranger" (Jenn Wexler) — May 1


"Autumn in New York" (Joan Chen) — May 1

"Hotel Colonial" (Cinzia Torrini) — May 1


"The Brady Bunch Movie" (Betty Thomas) — May 1

"Look Who's Talking" (Amy Heckerling) — May 1

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